Project aims: Advancing the energy auditing, the qualification programme of housing renovation and policy dialogue for mitigation and adaptation synergies in housing renovations and service sector.

Project budget: 1 046 503 € (incl ERDF support 745 435.09 €, ENI/Russian support 98 761.50€ )

Duration: 9/2019−9/2021

Energy efficiency measures such as renovation of buildings can address some of the vulnerabilities to climate change impacts and also counteract the increased energy demand, such as climate proofing buildings against extreme weather events using solar engineering, carbon neutral refurbishment materials, cool or green roofs; switching to distributed generation secures simultaneously climate change adaptation.

Aim of the CAMS platform is to learn from existing projects and facilitate, how energy efficiency measures could be co-used for increasing resilience of housing and services sector. CAMS platform develops macroregional database for energy audits, standardizes and verifies energy performance criteria for buildings and develops guidance on achieving synergy between climate change mitigation and adaptation.

CAMS platform brings together knowledge and experience from following projects funded by

Effect4Buildings, LowTemp, Area 21, CO2Community, ActNow, SUMBA, BEA-APP, RDI2CluB of Baltic Sea Interreg

and HERON, SIM4NEXUS; , ENLARGE, PANEL 2050 of Horizon 2020 and ACREE funded by EuropeAid.


Tartu Regional Energy Agency, Estonia Antti Roose Project Coordinator
County Administrative Board of Dalarna, Sweden Marit Ragnarsson Energy auditing WP leader
Permanent International Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States, Sweden Valdur Lahtvee Policy support WP leader
Ministry of Economics of Latvia, Latvia Madara Zvirgzdina BSR energy policy support
Foundation of Energy Saving in Gdansk, Poland Jacek Lendzion Project manager in Poland
Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia, Latvia Irina Paegle Project manager in Latvia
Baltic Environmental Forum Germany, Germany Matthias Grätz Qualification WP leader
Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre, Estonia Madis Org Mitigation-adaptation synergies
Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia Prof. Yury Nurulin Project Manager in Russia