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Sorry, at the moment the presentations and pictures are only available in Estonian.

Recent works by TREA

* Study of administrative buildings for Tartu City
* Sustainable Dwelling and Energy Programme for Tartu City
* Overview of Energy consumption in the region (2010)
* Overview of Energy sector regulations in Estonia
* Study of Energy sector services
* Study of attitudes and habits of energy consumption
* Leaflet about EU grants

* energy management curriculum and study course(50 h)
* Study visit to Sweden (Växjö)
* 5 study visits in Estonia (including foreign partners)
* International seminars:
a. Fuels from woody biomass seminar– june 2011
b. energy planning seminar – october 2011
*Estonian Energy Savings Week 2010, 2011, 2012
( 3 years, nearly 100 different events, 4000 participants, energy savings contests in schools)